A text field is a basic text control, accept small of text in any form of user input. When a user indicated that text entry is completed, the text field fires and subsequent event, else pops up with error.

alt text



Name Type Default Description
type string text This Value identifies the field type
name string A unique name required to define
label string Displays as field label
placeholder string Text to display in the input when no value is present
prepend string Add content prefix in the text field
append string Add content suffix in the text field
value string String that appears in the text input

Example Code

      'name' => 'title', // Required
      'type' => 'text',
      'label' => 'Title', // Optional, name will use instead
      'placeholder' => 'Your title here', // Optional, name will use instead
      'prepend' => 'Text', // Optional
      'append' => 'Text', // Optional
      'value' => 'Let's make a better website together' // Default