The select field allows to display numerous setting option in drop-down, so that developers can easily select their desired option quickly.

alt text



Name Type Default Description
type string select This Value identifies the field type
name string A unique name required to define
label string Displays as field label
value string String that appears as default selected input
Option array All set of option should be serialized here

Example Code

      'name' => 'title', // Required
      'type' => 'select',
      'label' => 'Title', // Optional, name will use instead
      'value' => 'Value from option' // Default value
       'options'  => array(
        '0'           => 'None',
        'fadeIn'      => 'Fade',
        'fadeInLeft'  => 'Slide Left',
        'fadeInRight' => 'Slide Right',
        'fadeInUp'    => 'Slide Up',
        'fadeInDown'  => 'Slide Down',