Key Features

OnePager is the first cross platform one page site builder for WordPress and Joomla, packed with innumerous feature to empower one page site development without thinking design coherence and writing a single line of code.

Cross platform page builder

Onepager is the first cross platform builder on the earth for Joomla and WordPress ever, It’s pioneer in the page builder crew, entice not to make separate layout for different platform and save your valuable time as well your effort.

Block based architecture

Being a developer or user, stepping for site design without having prior experience is challenging. Even fussing steps would consume valuable time a lot. But Onepager won’t. The total architecture of the OnePager is crafted with beautifully pre-designed block, that allow to make a one page website after a couple of coherent drag and drop.

Simple array based configuration

OnePager is bottled with unlimited design block, that can easy fit to design need. If you want beyond of the blocks, want to add your custom own block with OnePage, don’t worry, we’ve made the way super simple. We kept all customizable setting in the array, and you have to add and eddit those array element base on your need. Have a look on the tutorial.

No Theme or Template Dependency Required

We don’t want to confined you in the cage of limitation. OnePager-powered themes and templates don’t need any other dependency and even OnePager plugin itself to run in full swing endlessly. But every OnePager-enabled web page has to be dependent on OnePager to enable all available innumerable functionality, that build you a wonderful one page website in couple of minutes. And it’s natural.

Block Generator (Coming Soon)

Website users are obsessed with imagination of new look of their website for the time being, but they seldom want to touch the code for the intimidation of website being nasty. But we have you touch core code without making website a slight distorted. Thinking how?

We are working on Block generator that generate you all necessary setting needed. and the last thing you have to do is copy and paste.

Next generation frontend builder

Intimidated about the uncertain future? Don’t worry. OnePager is developed with top-notch architecture and technology anticipating the future evolvement and inconsistent, that leads to minimize the possibilities of the egregious inconvenience to come.

Drag and drop interface, no coding required

OnePager comes with front end drag and drop interface enable to build a complete one page website in a few minutes without any knowledge coding required.

Responsive Layout

The one page output from OnePager is totally responsive, can automatically tailor with any screen and mobile devices including mobile, tablet, desktop, kindle and so on.

Bootstrap CSS Framework

One page website from OnePager is outputted with mobile first fluid layout that easily scales up to 12 columns as the devices or viewport size maximizes. All props go to Bootstrap frontend framework.

SEO friendly

Search engines are limited in how they crawl the website and interpret content. But when its comes to One Page website, the limitation becomes more ghastly. The reason behind is the lack of sound implementation of SEO best practice and proper usage.

But in our turn, we’ve developer a well-research logic in OnePager, that cares the proper implementation of SEO best practice, and ensure the best possible search engine visibility.

Build with modern technology (If you care)

We are the pioneer in latest technology adoption. Latest technology not only speed up development process, but comes with a solution of previous limitation. If you are fan of latest technology, you on the right way, We crafted OnePager with ReactJS, Composer,Pimple, Flux, Whoops, Webpack, Less Bootstrap 3, and more

Robust Settings API

Settings API is a great tool, allows admin pages containing setting forms to be managed semi-automatically. To achieve the required options in WordPress themes is a great way to use option framework like Redux, Titan, OptionTree and so on, but they became nasty and egregious loading heavy-weight unnecessary component, that is culminated in sluggishness of site performance and loading time.

To deal with the such a challenging issue, we developed our own option system built with Reactjs, that loads all the necessary setting option in backend, that are crying need of every one page website. So, the day of option framework is over.

Highly Customizable

OnePager is the most customizable and powerful page builder, featuring color picker, icon picker, drag-and-drop customization controlling virtually every aspect of the One Page site's layout and design.